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Elements are fyyuzingovy decorative

Elements are fyyuzingovy decorative
  • Elements are fyyuzingovy decorative
  • Elements are fyyuzingovy decorative
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Fyyuzing (from the English fuse), is also known as Technology of agglomeration (glass melting). Fyyuzing of glass gives the chance to use stained-glass windows of various form, structure and thickness, stained-glass windows can have radius. Drawing at the technician Fyyuzing never repeats.

At production stained-glass windows of Fyyuzing use special glass which irrespective of color has uniform coefficient of temperature expansion. On a glass leaf spread pieces of glasses, a wire, granules and other elements of a stained-glass window. From such glasses the stained-glass window which is baked in uniform layer in special furnaces gathers. After drawing of future stained-glass window arrived on production, the master cuts out elementwise all details of drawing from glasses of the corresponding flowers. Then by means of special glue these fragments of glass-detalki of a stained-glass window are glued on the purified glasses and transferred to the furnace. After closing of the furnace the step mode of a raising of temperature to 850 degrees, and then the mode of decrease in temperature is exposed. Depending on glass thickness, the chosen drawing, the applied glasses, the mode of agglomeration changes. The cycle of agglomeration of a stained-glass window fluctuates from 15 to 18 hours.

The technology of Fyyuzing reaches unusual decorative effect of stained glass which perfectly fits into a modern interior. When using technology the fyyuzing can be filled with stained-glass windows big apertures of any form and practically any volume.

Stained-glass windows of Fyyuzing can decorate the most various objects:

  • mirrors
  • door cloths
  • furniture elements
  • lamps, chandeliers, sconce
  • winter gardens, pavilions
  • interroom partitions
  • objects of dressing of an interior
  • wall clock and desktop, vases
  • windowpanes (stained-glass window double-glazed windows)
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